Morning warm-ups

Things are chugging along... last night I finished the embroidery on 2 more guard favors while we were fighting off some nasty demons, harpies, etc., and then afterward I kicked out the last bit of the trim. Now I just need to cut and sew the tunic for that trim, do the same for the apron - I am not sure about the fingerloop straps, I may need to try to make those over again a little differently - finish the other 4 to be embroidered, finish sewing them into favors, and then get to work on outgoing gifts and presentations.

First, though, I need to jump on this rush Bruce picked up for me yesterday. It is only an inch, so it should (hope hope hope) not be too bad. Then one more that she is yelling for, which I was planning on doing today anyway, and I can get to gettin' on that list of stuff. Oh fudge - and hopefully squeeze in some grocery shopping, which the girls are telling me is a bit of a necessity about now...
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